Only a 5-minute walk to the Golden Rock Pagoda at the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo, the Mountain Top Hotel is ideally located for those who wish to make frequent visits to this wonder of South East Asia.

Operated under foreign management we are renowned for achieving “service excellence” by providing high-quality service, accommodation and facilities to almost 3000 guests every month during the peak season. Mountain Top Hotel is a sister hotel of the award winning Golden Rock Hotel in Kyaiktiyo.


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Getting There & Back

The hotel is situated just 5 to 10 minutes from the Golden Rock Pagoda approximately 3,600 ft. above sea level, 130 miles from Yangon and about 1 mile from the Ya-the-taung bus terminal. Travel to and from Yangon to the hotel is broken down into three stages.


Stage One: Yangon to Kinmon Base Camp (4 hours)

Ground transportation must be taken from Yangon (or any other destination) to reach the Kinmon Base Camp and the foot of Mount Kyaiktiyo.


Stage Two: Kinmon Base Camp to The Golden Rock Pagoda (60 minutes)

Upon reaching Kinmon Base Camp guests must board an “open truck” for a 45 to 60-minute ride to the bus terminal near the Golden Rock Pagoda.


Stage Three: Golden Rock Pagoda to Mountain Top Hotel

The final stage of your trip to reach the hotel or the Golden Rock Pagoda involves a 10-minute walk from the terminal at the Pagoda to our hotel.


The route back to Yangon follows the same pattern.

For more information on travel to and from Mountain Top Hotel, please feel free to write to us on [email protected]


Mountain Top Hotel

Near Kyaiktiyo Pagoda,

Adjacent to the Foreigners’ Registration Office,

Kyaikto Township, Mon State, Myanmar.